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Inaugural 2015 Golden Maple Awards’15 July 1, 2015 at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills

Article By: Marcelle - Jun• 29•15

Inaugural 2015 Golden Maple Awards’15



Rick Fox, Lucas Parker, Lauren Ash, Kenneth Mitchell,
Erin Karpluk, Jonathan Keltz, Jillian Barberie, Josh Gallegos
Golden Maple Awards’15
Host, presenters and Maple of Excellence honorees


Higher res photo of Kenneth, Lucas, Jonathan and Jillian at:

Jillian’s photo credit: Fadil Berisha
Los Angeles, California – The Academy of Canadians in Sports & Entertainment – Los Angeles (ACISE-LA) announced today the Maple of Excellence honorees, the master of ceremony and award presenters for the inaugural 2015 Golden Maple Awards.

Amongst the honorees is former NBA basketball player and Canadian actor Rick Fox, who will receive the 2015 Maple of Excellence for Outstanding Athlete/Actor Crossover award.

Fox’s sports credits include captain of the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers where he won three NBA championships, while his actor credits include HBO series Oz, HOLES, Tyler Perry’s MEET THE BROWNS, 2015 Sundance award-winning movie DOPE, and Yahoo! original online series Sin City Saints.

Canadian CrossFit champion Lucas Parker will receive the 2015 Maple of Excellence for Outstanding Athlete award. Parker’s credits include 2015 West CrossFit Regional Champion, member of Team Canada at the 2014 CrossFit Invitational, and is a five-time CrossFit Games competitor.

The Maple of Excellence honorees were chosen by the ACISE-LA committee for their outstanding accomplishments in representing Canada in the United States. The honorees will be in attendance at the inaugural Golden Maple Awards on July 1, 2015 at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills to receive their respective awards.

The 2015 Golden Maple Awards will be hosted by Canadian actress Lauren Ash of Comedy Central’s new series Another Period. Ash’s credits also include ABC’s Super Fun Night and LARS AND THE REAL GIRL.

Lauren Ash won the Canadian Comedy Awards in 2012 for Best Performance by a Female – Television for Almost Heroes, in 2007 for Best Female Improviser, and in 2006 for Best Female Improviser.

Lauren Ash is represented by Brillstein Entertainment and Innovative Artists.

Canadian actress Erin Karpluk of CBC’s upcoming original online series Riftworld Chronicles will be presenting the award. Karpluk’s credits also include Being Erica, Saving Hope and Rookie Blue.

Erin Karpluk is represented by Play Management and Don Buchwald & Associates.

Canadian actor Kenneth Mitchell of ABC’s highly anticipated series The Astronaut Wives Club will present the award. Mitchell’s credits also include CBS’s Jericho and THE RECRUIT.

Kenneth Mitchell is represented by Berwick and Kovacik, and Domain Talent.

Canadian actor Jonathan Keltz of CW’s Reign will be presenting the award. Keltz’s credits also include 21 AND OVER and HBO’s Entourage.

Jonathan Keltz is represented by Wright Entertainment, Stone Manners Salners Agency and The Characters Talent Agency.

Canadian on-air personality Jillian Barberie will present Rick Fox with the Maple of Excellence for Outstanding Athlete/Actor Crossover award. Barberie co-hosts KABC’s radio talk show “The Drive Home with Jillian Barberie and John Phillips.” Her past credits include Fox’s “Good Day LA” and “Fox NFL Sunday.”

Jillian Barberie is represented by APA and attorney Lev Ginsburg.

Josh Gallegos, leading CrossFit magazine The Box Magazine’s Athlete representative and coach, will present Lucas Parker with the Maple of Excellence for Outstanding Athlete award. Gallegos’ credits include CrossFit Regionals and CrossFit Games MC, where he had the opportunity to work with Parker.

The Golden Maple Awards will take place at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills on Canada Day, July 1, 2015, in celebration of Canadian sports and entertainment talent in the U.S.

Previously announced on April 28, 2015, the Golden Maple Award nominees are:
Adam Copeland – Haven, US Network: Syfy
Alexander Ludwig – Vikings, US Network: History Channel
Brandon Jay McLaren – Graceland, US Network: USA
Greyston Holt – Bitten, US Network: Syfy
Jonathan Keltz – Reign, US Network: CW
Lyriq Bent – The Book of Negroes, US Network: BET
Torrance Coombs – Reign, US Network: CW

Amanda Crew – Silicon Valley, US Network: HBO
Anna Silk – Lost Girl, US Network: Syfy
Caroline Dhavernas – Hannibal, US Network: NBC
Jessalyn Gilsig – Vikings, US Network: History Channel
Katheryn Winnick – Vikings, US Network: History Channel
Kathleen Robertson – Murder in the First, US Network: TNT
Missy Peregrym – Rookie Blue, US Network: ABC

Brooke Wexler – Richie Rich, US Network: Netflix
Emily Hampshire – 12 Monkeys and Schitt’s Creek, US Network: Syfy and Pop TV
Italia Ricci – Chasing Life, US Network: ABC Family
Meaghan Rath – New Girl, US Network: FOX
Shailyn Pierre Dixon – The Book of Negroes, US Network: BET


ACISE-LA (Academy of Canadians In Sports and Entertainment – Los Angeles) is a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization for the promotion of Canadian entertainment and sports talent in the United States.

Laurent BOYÉ
Jazo PR/ Jazo PR Canada Inc.
Los Angeles – Montréal
LA Office: +1-323-380-3088
MTL Office: +1-514-448-1882
Mobile: +1-310-220-7239
Laurent BOYÉ
Jazo PR/ Jazo PR Canada Inc.
Los Angeles – Montréal
LA Office: +1-323-380-3088
MTL Office: +1-514-448-1882
Mobile: +1-310-220-7239



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“ISLAND GIRLS” bG Gallery at Bergamot Station 2525, Michigan Avenue, Space G8A, Santa Monica, CA 90404.

Article By: Marcelle - Jun• 25•15



“ISLAND GIRLS” an afternoon of performance at bG Gallery Bergamot Station, Santa Monica

Performance: Sunday June 28th 3-5pm

Location: bG Gallery at Bergamot Station 2525, Michigan Avenue, Space G8A, Santa Monica, CA 90404.

You can join us In Second Life @

Go to download the platform, create an avatar and find us at the URL above.

Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 11:30am-6pm. Sunday 1-5pm
T: 310-906-4211 E-mail:

bG Gallery is happy to host an afternoon of performances as part of the current Island Girls exhibit exploring women artists. Jocelyn Wright and Kristine Schomaker present an engaging afternoon of multidisciplinary performance.


Kristine Schomaker blurs the lines between the virtual and physical worlds using the interactive, immersive performance environment. Projecting the 3D online virtual world of Second Life, the physical audience will be able to interact with Avatars from all over the world. The event will be held during a closing reception of her virtual installation BLOOM within Second Life, and at a performance art event held at bG Gallery Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, California simultaneously.


Jocelyn Wright’s performances are an engaging mix of poetry, prose, and theater. Having completed seven years on The Closer as the executive drama supervisor, Jocelyn is thrilled to be done with murder and onto poetry. Her poetry and short stories have been published in several anthologies, featured on radio, and documentary.


Show run: through July 2nd

Curators: Shaye Nelson and Nancy Larrew

Artists: Wangechi Mutu, Sue Wong, Madam X, Cathy Weiss, Linda Vallejo, Kristine Schomaker, Megan Whitmarsh, Sarah Stieber, Linda Smith, Erin Reiter, Courtney Reid, Gay Summer Rick, Allie Pohl, Trinity Martin, Nancy Larrew, Michelle Lilly, Mia Loucks, Kate Jackson, Brenda Jamrus, Simone Gad, Carol Friedman, MK Decca, Wini Brewer, Terri Berman, Nora Berman, Sofia Arreguin.

Historically artists have relieved long hours of isolation in the company of their peers. The Ashcan School, the School of Paris and New York’s mass of Post-War Abstract Expressionists are all examples of such camaraderie. But few, if any, women artists are found in the photos, records and collections relating to these movements.

Excluded from the society of their male counterparts, women artists can find their work dismissed as an avocation, a hobby, a squandering of time. Marriage, motherhood and society’s expectations might exhaust creative energy or worse, stifle it. Just like other working women, female artists can feel compelled to choose between family and career.

No matter what path the female artist chooses, when she ventures out of the confinement of her studio to artists’ gatherings, galleries and museums, she will frequently find herself alone in a sea of men.

The works these women create suggest a range of emotions in response to their position: anger, contentment, defiance, detached amusement and quiet introspection. Every work a message in a bottle from an Island Girl.

We Choose Art: Kristine Schomaker

Written by Anise Stevens
Published June 18th, 2015

Artist: Kristine Schomaker
Location: Los Angeles

Occupation: New Media and Performance Artist, Painter, Art Historian, Founder of Shoebox PR

Over the past decade, Kristine Schomaker has made huge strides, emotionally as well as professionally. While her beautifully orchestrated abstract works flow with an electrifying vibrancy, her venture into new media and performance art reveal how she has used and continues to employ her creative ingenuity as a vehicle to impart change.

When asked, Why Choose Art? Schomaker didn’t pause. This is because art lies at the core of her being. In her words,

“I choose art because art heals, art communicates, art educates. Art is beautiful and brilliant and mysterious. I choose art because I can’t imagine living without it.”

When Schomaker found Second Life (SL) in 2006, she didn’t recognize it as a therapeutic tool. Rather, she saw it as a means for escape: a place to unwind under the auspice of her avatar, Gracie Kendal, who Schomaker describes as an idealized version of herself:

“Gracie was the me I wanted to be.”

Once she started to roam the virtual world, she quickly realized that the environment could provide her with an opportunity that she hadn’t anticipated. She saw other artists using the platform as an alternative venue to showcase their work. Within one week’s time, Schomaker found a gallery space, set up shop, and started selling digital representations of her original paintings under Gracie’s name.

The success Gracie gained as an artist had a profound effect on Schomaker. Not only did it give her a new semblance of confidence as a painter, but it prompted her to address the lack of ease she’d been experiencing in her day-to-day life.

Upon this discovery, Schomaker began journaling an ongoing conversation between her avatar and herself. The experience was cathartic and led Schomaker to the realization that she’d been grappling with an eating disorder throughout most all her life. While the truly transformative revelation brought with it a rollercoaster of emotions, Schomaker made the brave decision to delve in and further her investigation about the instigating matters of contention that had initiated her disorder through a new body of work.

The Gracie Kendal Project (2010) was Schomaker’s first experience, working with themes of gender, identity, and body image. Comprised of more than 150 images that feature Schomaker in dialogue with Gracie, the piece reveals what Rowan Derryth describes as Schomaker’s

“real world anxiety and self-consciousness.”

Schomaker’s envy of Gracie, with her perfect body and active social life, is more than apparent throughout the piece. What remains fascinating and provides the project with a true sense of power are Gracie’s envious pronouncements to Schomaker, because she is in fact real.

Unlike Schomaker, Gracie can’t feel. And her entire existence is contingent upon her creator, who didn’t just give Gracie life but facilitated her world-wide recognition as one of SL’s most recognized female artists.

The most positive incarnation to result from The Gracie Kendal Project is that it armed Schomaker with a renewed self-perception. It gave her the confidence to move forward, to stop judging her exterior, and to start seeing herself as a valued individual with a lot to offer.

A Comfortable Skin (2013) is perhaps one of Schomaker’s most profound works to date. Not only does its message regarding self-acceptance prove universal, but it exemplifies how far the artist has come. The installation comprises three components: a collection of virtual avatars, a handful of fiberglass mannequins, and a clothing rack from which painted pieces of canvas hang. All three pieces feature Schomaker’s abstract paintings and in such suggest that Schomaker has truly come to base her identity in that which she creates.

Schomaker’s work is currently on view in the group exhibition Island Girls, curated by Shaye Nelson and Nancy Larrew, and featuring works by Wangechi Mutu, Sue Wong, Madam X, Cathy Weiss, Linda Vallejo, Megan Whitmarsh, Sarah Stieber, Linda Smith, Erin Reiter, Courtney Reid, Gay Summer Rick, Allie Pohl, Trinity Martin, Nancy Larrew, Michelle Lilly, Mia Loucks, Kate Jackson, Brenda Jamrus, Simone Gad, Carol Friedman, MK Decca, Wini Brewer, Terri Berman, Nora Berman, and Sofia Arreguin.

Scheduled to run through June, Island Girls will remain on exhibition at BG Gallery at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica. Gallery hours are from 11:30 until 6 pm, Tuesdays through Saturdays.

Copyright © 2015 Kristine Schomaker, All rights reserved.
Thank you so much for your support.

Our mailing address is:
Kristine Schomaker
660 S Ave 21 #3
Los Angeles, Ca 90031



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*PHOTOS Taken at The Fashion Designers Expo June 20th at the JW Marriott in LA

Article By: Marcelle - Jun• 24•15

Fashion Designers Expo Showcase in Los Angeles June 20th

On June 20th, Fashion Designers Expo presented a fashion show at the JW Marriott in downtown Los Angeles. Fashion Designers Expo, created by Karine Melissa, is an organization that advocates emerging designers, models and artists. This year, FDE showcased fashion from Florida. Sponsoring the event was the non-profit organization, AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

Designers, Oz+Õtz vended versatile pencil skirts in an array of fabrics for all shapes of women, along with casual tops and tees at the event. My  personal favorite!



The Enigmatic collection kicked off the runway show. The elegant Enigmatic outfits included party dresses in yellow satin and shocking pink. I was smitten by a dress with a scarlet bodice and black flowing tulle skirt. One model showcased an antique gold gown with appliquéd roses. Intyce Swimwear featured several one-piece swimsuits with low backs and cutouts on the sides in solid hues of olive green, fuchsia and periwinkle blue. A bikini with a leopard design top and lime green bottom attracted one’s attention. Next, models in Prestigace rocked their red, yellow and blue tees, white tees, bomber jackets and baseball caps. Two teenagers, Trinitee Stokes and Kendyl Sherri Powell, who showcased her Mon Reve line, presented their collections of cheerful apparel – appropriate for kids, but sophisticated enough for adults. Ferocious Fashion was next on the agenda: Models sashayed in evening and club wear featuring gold sequins, silver sparkles, purple with metal trim and black chiffon with soutache stitching. Fashionista Jen Summers showcased her exquisite collections: The Sugarpuss and Muheeka Collections.                   and

Models attired in Sugarpuss Clothing body wear shimmied down the runway donning black shorts with suspenders teamed with clingy red crop tops, sheer lacy body suits, and black and white striped dancewear. CW Sport attire included bright fun colored styles suitable for working out at the gym. Inspirational messages are sewn inside the clothing to get one’s spirit moving. The Muheeka Collection featured wearable attire inspired by Peru. Much of the collection featured neutral colors of black, white and tans. An ivory colored poncho trimmed with tawny fringe looked lovely on a gorgeous model. Courtney Allegra featured swimwear with interesting patterned fabrics of peace signs and dollar signs. The models rocked Caroline Sweet jewelry chains hanging with medallions and crystals as they strolled in the provocative swimwear. M the Movement showcased streetwear consisting of tees with a logo of a face on the backs, hoodies and biker jackets. A turquoise women’s biker jacket caught my eye, and I coveted what looked like an orange jacket made of synthetic python.

Written by: Anthea

20150620_16592120150620_17013120150620_17093820150620_17102020150620_17111020150620_17113120150620_17120020150620_17144520150620_17152320150620_17172420150620_17223720150620_17275120150620_18550720150620_18554320150620_18562020150620_185757 20150620_19001220150620_17013120150620_19014020150620_19045820150620_19032920150620_19063720150620_19074020150620_19081620150620_191738

The Fashion Designers Expo was interesting and inspiring. It is a joy to see up-and-coming fashion designers’ collections, and all for a good cause. THE AIDS FOUNDATION.

THANKS TO Parker Whitaker Productions and Art Hearts Fashion



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Article By: Marcelle - Jun• 17•15


Fashion Designers Expo Takes Los Angeles This June


(Los Angeles)-This June, the internationally acclaimed Fashion Designers Expo (FDE) lands in Los Angeles with their highly anticipated showcase aimed at empowering and supporting emerging designers.  FDE will host their opening launch party on June 19th from 6pm-9pm at the W Hollywood, where guests will meet designers, celebrities and get a first look at what’s in store for them on the FDE runway. Here, the Portraits of Hope Project will showcase special portraits raising funds and awareness for those in need. On June 20th the JW Marriott at LA Live will welcome media and guests for FDE’s main fashion event, a runway showcase of 9 emerging designers including: In’tyce Swimwear,  Mon Reve, Skinny Bags, Muheeka Collection, Yasser Faraco, JRod Designs, CW Sport, Prestigace and Sugarpuss Collection. The event will close with a special presentation by West Coast celebrity designers: Courtney Allegra and M the Movement. Runway looks will be expertly styled by Official Makeup Sponsor The Organic Face™ 


FDE brings its signature charitable style along to the City of Angels this season by partnering with Erik Rosete and the AIDS Healthcare Foundation of LA.
Luxury travel service Opulux will provide travel for special guests and celebrities.

Special thanks to Celebrity Laser Spa, Freckleberry, JROD Designs and Nescafe Dulce Gusto.



San Fransisco 49ers Marcus Cromartie

Nickelodeon actress Lilimar Hernandez

Actress Trishauna Clarke

Actress Katie Rotolo

Event produced by Erik Rosete and ParkerWhitaker Productions

Fashion Designers Expo- Founded by Karine Melissa and Clinton K. Powell in 2007, Fashion Designers Expo (FDE)offers the connections and exposure that emerging fashion talents need to bring their dreams to reality. FDE is an internationally cultured runway exposition produced from start to finish by the emerging Industry. FDE is designed to show the world “Who’s NEXT in Fashion!” The expert staff of FDE oversees this powerful platform and uses their industry intelligence and experience to educate and empower the emerging generation of icons. “A purposeful magic happens when fashion and charity meet.” Says Karine Melissa, Co-Founder and CEO of Fashion Designers Expo.

Portraits of Hope Project is an ongoing project of Irvin Rivera of www.graphicsmetropolis.comthat aims to raise funds for various people, groups, institutions, causes in need one portrait at a time. You can view more information at


Celebrity Laser Spa- Celebrity Laser Spa & Surgery Center (CLS) is the famed cosmetic surgery office of Dr. Alex Kaplan. We are experts in body contouring, anti-aging and tattoo removal.

JROD Designs – Designer Jordan Powell is a young innovative artist who brings his animations to life through fashion. The brand has been a long-term sponsor and is returning once again to support FDE’s launch in LA.

NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto®- Thanks toNESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto®, it’s never been easier to enjoy coffee shop quality in the comfort of your own home. Simply fill your machine with water, pop in a pod and hey presto!* No mess. No fuss. Just great coffee. There’s a wide range of tantalising varieties to choose from, not to mention competitions, prizes and our e-magazine when you register with us online! Opulux is the world’s preeminent provider of the most exclusive luxury goods and services to the world’s most affluent individuals and families and those seeking to enjoy a share of this opulent and luxurious lifestyle by way of our Opulux exclusive members’ club.

 The Organic Face™ is a proudly owned Made in the USA Beauty Company dedicated to creating 100% chemical free natural organic skincare and cosmetics using active botanical ingredients and minerals. Developed by Professional Makeup Artist and Beauty Expert, Noreen Diani, our mission is to create beauty products that are as safe for you on the inside as they are to your skin on the outside. For more information on the brand, visit  @theorganicface.

The Original Freckleberry – Designer Tarelle Goldwire believes in supporting the emerging fashion industry as she continues to build her empire as a rising designer based in Miami, FL. Her collection offers a fresh look at today’s most popular trends. Check out the @theoriginalfreckleberry on social media.



For more info contact:

@FashionXMag @FashionNewsLive @rlgrocks @LAFashionJudge @Laura__Lily @LAVarietyMag @LAWeekly @theLAfashion Joining us!



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25th Annual Los Angeles Music Awards Nominee Night and Press Event Whisky a Go-Go, 8901 W. Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA. Thursday, June 18, 2015 Doors Open: 6:30pm

Article By: Marcelle - Jun• 15•15

25th Annual Los Angeles Music Awards Nominee Night and Press Event Sponsored by Music Connection Magazine


Join music industry professionals from around the world for the 25th Annual Los Angeles Music Awards Nominee Night, Press Event and Showcase ( ), and the penultimate event to be produced by Al Bowman and Susanna Griffie, on June 18, 2015 at the world famous Whisky a Go-Go in West Hollywood.

The ‘Nominee Night and Press Event’, which will benefit the Kris Kelly Foundation, is to publicly present Certificates of Nomination to 40 nominees, with a historical retrospect look back at sizzle reels from the past 25 years, featuring celebrity highlights, past alumni’s and other great moments from past events. Hosted by Al Bowman, the LA Music Awards Founder, this spectacular event will tribute the original television series Rock n’ Roll LA and its creator-producer Robert Lee, which was the initial starting point for the LA Music Awards 25 years ago.

Special performances live on stage by 4 award-nominated acts from the 2015 ballot include Country artist; Kenny C, Phoenix Rock band Sectas, Pop Artist nominee Alyssa Elle and International Artist of the Year nominee, Bob DeSena.

Venue: Whisky a Go-Go, 8901 W. Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA.
Date: Thursday, June 18, 2015
Doors Open: 6:30pm
Red Carpet: 7:00 – 8:00pm
LA Music Awards Show: 8:00pm – 10:30pm

Hosted by: Al Bowman

Event Sponsors: Music Connection Magazine and ReAmp Recording Studios.

Coming Soon
September 17, 2015 — The Los Angeles Music Awards Voting Party and Press Event: This event is part of the rich tradition of the Los Angeles Music Awards and its relationship to the creative community featuring the combined fan bases of all the nominees in our 2015 program, coming to cast paper ballots and vote for their favorite nominees. There are 5 sponsored performances of selected nominees on the Whisky stage as well.

For more info contact: Liz Rodriguez at 310 435 3634 –

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