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PHOTOS TAKEN at the Concern Foundation Cancer Fundraising Block Party 6pm until 11:00pm. Paramount Studios (5555 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90038)

Written By: Marcelle - Jul• 03•16

Concern Foundation Cancer Fundraising Block Party


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The event started at 6:00pm and will run until 11:00pm.  Paramount Studios (5555 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90038)

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Concern Foundation is an independent, volunteer-driven organization conceived in 1968 by a group of friends who wanted to make sure their dollars counted in the fight against cancer.

With 90-95% of net proceeds (based on 2014 financial audit) going directly to research, Concern has raised more than $57 million dollars and funded 750 cancer research scientists studying cancer, primarily in the areas of cancer genetics, cell biology, and immunology.

By specifically targeting promising post- doctoral scientists and providing critically needed “seed” money for innovative projects, Concern Foundation bridges the gap that currently exists in the scientific research community.?

Concern Foundation Cancer Fundraising Block Party at Paramount Studios on July 9th, 2016- Preview, Tickets
April 15, 2016 toddelliot 0 Comment cancer, cancer charity, cancer research, concern block party, concern foundation

(Los Angeles, March 31, 2016) – On Saturday July 9, Concern Foundation for cancer research will host its 42nd annual Block Party at Paramount Pictures Studios in Hollywood. A staple on the Los Angeles events calendar, the event aims to raise $2 million to fund research focused on immunology based methods to treating cancer.

The Block Party will honor Dr. Peter and Rebecca Grossman as Humanitarian and Community Leaders, who, with the Grossman Burn Centers and Grossman Burn Foundation, are truly making a difference throughout the community and across the globe.

Also honored at the event are former Beverly Hills Mayor and wife, Barry and Sue Brucker, who will receive the inaugural Beth Goldsmith Conquer Cancer Now Heroes award. The award commemorates Beth Goldsmith, the former executive director of Concern Foundation for nearly 10 years, who passed away last November from cancer. Barry and Sue enjoyed a 40-year friendship with Beth and have been involved with Concern Foundation for 30 years. Since 2011, the Brucker family has donated $2.7 million to the foundation.

“It is in loving memory of our dear, brave friend that we are humbled and honored to receive this inaugural award. On behalf of Beth and many other family members and friends, we say to cancer that, together with Concern, we will continue to hunt you down and one day we will find a cure!” says Sue Brucker.

Dr. Peter Grossman, a board certified plastic surgeon whose medical practice is divided between cosmetic and reconstructive surgery is the director of the world-renowned Grossman Burn Centers, which cares for burn-injured patients across the globe. He has been featured on CNN, Oprah, ABC Primetime and Good Morning America.

“Concern Foundation is helping young cancer researchers find ways to battle a plague on the human condition and work toward a cancer free world. We are grateful to have the opportunity to help support their efforts and encourage others to learn more about this remarkable organization,” says Dr. Grossman.

Rebecca Gray Grossman is CEO of Powerhouse Lux Media Inc., a multimedia publishing and software development company. As chair of the Grossman Burn Foundation, she has developed such programs as their training, treatment and telemedicine initiative as well as their Stop Violence Against Women Globally campaign.

This year’s event theme is “Field of Dreams for a cancer free world,” and will celebrate a carefree country lifestyle. The evening will feature multiple stages of live entertainment, casino style games, live and silent auctions, and food from over 70 of Los Angeles’ best restaurants and caterers.

About Concern Foundation

Concern Foundation’s mission is to conquer cancer by providing essential funds to support the early yet critical stages of discovery. Since its inception in 1968, Concern has raised and awarded $58 million to 750 gifted cancer scientists around the world.

For 48 years, Concern has pioneered the advancement of cancer immunology—the study of the relationship between the immune system and cancer—a field that is now widely acknowledged to hold the most potential for discovering treatments and preventions for cancer.

With 90-95% of net proceeds going directly to research, Concern Foundation has made significant strides toward bridging a major gap in research funding by focusing its grants on young, innovative researchers with breakthrough ideas.

One out of two men and one in three women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. With cancer expected to surpass heart disease as the leading cause of death in the U.S. by 2030, funding for cancer research has never been more important. To learn more about Concern Foundation please visit

For more information about the 2016 Block Party or ticket/sponsorship details, please visit

(Los Angeles – March 9, 2016) Concern Foundation, the non-profit organization that fundraises to support cancer research, is proud to announce Ilyse “Lisi” Teller, a cancer survivor, as its new Executive Board Chair. Lisi began her involvement with the organization roughly 35 years ago as a member of Concern II, the second generation of Concern Foundation. Among those members are her husband Steve, Debbie and Rick Powell, Nancy Eisenstadt, Anne and Bill Barnett, former Mayor of Beverly Hills Barry Brucker and his wife Sue, and current president of the foundation Derek Alpert, all of whom are still heavily involved in the organization.

After donating a kidney to her brother in 1994, Lisi was at a routine check-up with her nephrologist in 2005 when they discovered a rare and malignant stomach tumor. Her medical team at USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center opted for a complete stomach removal, and fortunately during surgery only had to remove 80%, reattaching the remaining 20% to the bottom of Lisi’s esophagus.

“It’s not easy living with only 20 percent of your stomach. It’s a day to day process…I have lupus and arthritis as well so I take a lot of nutrients, but it’s a difficult balance.”

Since the surgery 10 years ago, the cancer has not returned and Lisi has been in remission. Closely connected to the cause, Lisi talks about how much the conversation of cancer has changed since she was first involved with the organization.

“Back then, we didn’t know anyone who survived cancer. Steve’s (her husband) father died of cancer, but it wasn’t talked about and people just didn’t survive.”

While her personal treatment hasn’t changed much from 10 years ago, Lisi noted great improvements from research for a lot of cancers, noting breast cancer as being one of the most progressive in both the targeting and treatment processes.

In her first year as Executive Board Chair, Lisi is excited to lead Concern Foundation, stating:

“Philanthropy is nothing too new to my family… I’ve been involved in Concern for over 30 years. Never has my involvement been so important than it became 10 years ago when I had a rare stomach cancer. I always knew how important the mission was, but this brought a whole new perspective. I’m happy to have the opportunity to be Chair and lead Concern towards its 50th anniversary.”

About Concern Foundation

CONCERN FOUNDATION for Cancer Research was founded by 15 Los Angeles couples in 1968 upon learning their dear friend, Beverly Wolman, was diagnosed with terminal cancer at the young age of 35. After Beverly’s passing, the 15 couples had one goal: “CONquer canCER Now”, an acronym that exemplifies Concern’s mission to this day. Based on their initial limited resources and with the advice of local medical experts, the founders chose to concentrate funding in immunology, a previously untapped area of cancer research. Immunology begs a fundamental question: What causes a person’s natural immune system to break

and allow inactive cancer cells to become active? This question is as relevant today as it was in 1968. The quest for an answer fueled the group to raise additional funds to support immunology research.

They envisioned a larger-than-life event to recruit new donors – an event different in scope from what any organization had done thus far. From this notion was born the Block Party, which today has become its signature fundraiser and brings in over $1.5 million in one night to fund immunology research. Concern also serves the local community of Los Angeles with multiple events for children with cancer and their families. By hosting events at Universal Studios and Paramount Pictures, it is the organization’s goal to make sure kids with cancer have fun and create lasting memories with their families to restore a sense of normalcy while battling or having survived cancer. Today, Concern Foundation has raised and granted $58 million to cancer research and funded more than 750 immunology researchers worldwide.

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