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Written By: Marcelle - Oct• 02•16





After screening their documentary at the Highland Park Independent Film Festival, the dancers who form Zulu Nation known as the Zulu Maniacs will freestyle break dance outside of the Highland Theater! Friday, October 7th at 7pm

Zulu Dance is a program taught by Crystal Castillo and Spider whom are devoted to enriching the lives of children through dance. Hip-hop, break dance, and the history of hip-hop are taught to boys and girls from ages 5-18 yrs old. Zulu Dance strives to show every child the true meaning of hip-hop which is peace, love, unity, and having fun.

“Paint Life” directed by Daniel Zana makes its World Premiere right here at the Highland Theater! To commemorate this awesomeness, the Highland Park Independent Film Festival will enlist none other than the talented likes of graffiti artists, Duce One, owner of Maintain Skate shop and Highland Park street artist, Angry Woebots, JRYU, and Ritzy Periwinkle! So come out and marvel as these artists turn out the goods graffiti art style one hour before the World Premiere of “Paintlife”. Saturday, October 8th at 1:30pm

“Paint Life” documents as The Army of Snipers travel to Thailand to mentor youth through art.

After the death of her friend, Robin Williams, Margaret Cho took to the streets of San Francisco with a homeless outreach campaign inspired by Williams’ philanthropy.

What started as Margaret busking on the corner with a bag of socks and a guitar case rapidly turned into hundreds of musicians, comedians, and homeless activists spreading food, clothes, money, and awareness in an amazing humanitarian street theater experience.

The Highland Park Independent Film Festival is playing its part to help out! #BeRobin, the film screens at 1:45 pm on Friday, October 7, 2016 and then on Saturday, Oct. 8th right outside the Highland Theater starting at 10 am join the musicians who will busk for the cause in Highland Park!

Among the performers confirmed to date are Rick Overton, Eddie Pepitone, Kurt Weitzmann and Steve Hurley of the Gigolo Aunts—with many more to come!


Opening Night
Come join us at Highland Park’s newest and most exciting secret place:
The Bar Behind Cafe Birdie- Make your way to the back speakeasy serving up bourbon and smiles!
Official Address: 5631 Figueroa Street (then make your way to the furthest back door you can find past the patio)

Friday Night
We will be at a staple and favorite of all Highland Parkers, La Cuevita. Epic partying awaits us all at this beloved establishment after our Fiday Night Films!
Address: 5922 N. Figueroa Street

Closing Night
A most memorable closing to the 2016 festivities will unfurl at the one and only “The Offbeat, A Bar on York” where dancing will ensue after the mixology flows for all!
Address: 6316 York Blvd.

Our Sponsor EL Silencio Mezcal will be there to greet our guests with their hand crafted, artisanal mezcal spirits which is sure to provide elegance and character to the nights of epic after parties of the 2016 Highland Park Independent Film Festival!

October- 6th-8th (3RD ANNUAL FILM FESTIVAL at the Historic Highland Theatre)
October- 20th (Oxy Cinematheque: Screening Los Angeles
October- 29th (Remembrance: A Day of the Dead Celebration showcasing the best Latino/LA shorts from the fest

Alessandro Gentile, Marita De La Torre, & Mark Reitma

#HPIFF2016 with all of you. For more information,

(All screenings followed by a Q&A with filmmakers)

Thursday, October 6, 2016 (TICKET LINK:

730p-830p Red Carpet
8p-830p Humanitarian Award – Amp’d LA

830p-10p Double Feature
“BRIDGING LOS ANGELES” documentary (0:45:00 mins)
Bridging Los Angeles is the story of how destructive flooding and snarled traffic congestion brought about the funding, design, and construction of the 14 monument bridges that span the Los Angeles River
directed by
Andrea Galvin

The season’s debut program chronicles the life and legacy of Charles Fletcher Lummis, an eccentric and forward-thinking polymath who founded the Southwest Museum in 1907.
directed by
Stephen Pagano

Friday, October 7, 2016 (TICKET LINK:
YOU SET THE PRICE! $5 suggested donation. Students (w/valid ID) / Seniors (65+) FREE.

12p-130p “MONEY” (US/Spain) (1:26:00 mins)
Two wealthy businessmen are about to get away with $5 million in ill-gotten money until their plans are revealed by an uninvited house guest.
directed by
Martin Rosete

Friday, October 7, 2016 (TICKET LINK:
YOU SET THE PRICE! $5 suggested donation. Students (w/valid ID) / Seniors (65+) FREE.

145p-245p “#BEROBIN” (0:41:00 mins)
#BeRobin The Movie is a documentary about Margaret Cho’s homeless outreach campaign inspired by the philanthropy of Robin Williams.
directed by
Kurt Weitzmann

Friday, October 7, 2016 (TICKET LINK:
YOU SET THE PRICE! $5 suggested donation. Students (w/valid ID) / Seniors (65+) FREE.

3p-445p “SLINGSHOT” (1:28:00 mins)
SlingShot focuses on Segway inventor Dean Kamen and his work to solve the world’s water crisis.
directed by
Paul Lazarus

Friday, October 7, 2016 (TICKET LINK:

5p-7p “BRAVERY & SPIRIT SHORTS PROGRAM” (1:40:00 mins)

“Losing It”
Mackenzie and Alexander discover they are pregnant while on tour with their band and
are forced to make a decision that feels far beyond their years.
directed by
Nathaniel Katzman

“As We Say Goodbye”
After being unwillingly separated from her mother, and brother Nicole will dedicate her last days to saving her
brother’s life where he will meet her for the first in the operating room.
directed by
Jhosimar Vasquez

“The Walk”
In the harshness of the Arizona desert a Mexican man and his son are faced with a
major crisis of conscience as they try to cross the border illegally.
directed by
Alonso Alvarez Barreda

“Maman(s)” (France)
The 8-year-old Aida lives in an apartment in the Parisian suburb. The daily life of Aida and the whole family
is overwhelmed when her father comes back from Senegal, their country of origin.
directed by
Maimouna Doucoure

“Zulu Maniacs” (doc)
A group of hip-hop dancers, the Zulu Maniacs, lead by the enigmatic Crystal and Spider,
perform and travel to spread the true meaning of hip-hop: Peace, Love, Unity and Having Fun.
directed by
Rachael Pelzer

“In The Distance” (Germany)
It’s calm and peaceful above the clouds. But chaos lurks in the distance and each night, it draws closer.
directed by
Florian Grolig

“War Story” (doc)
A World War II medic, Sgt. Marty Fuhrman, recounts his journey through some of the
bloodiest battles in the South Pacific
directed by
William Nestlehutt

“Risky Game” (Germany)
17years old Melanie gets beaten by her father when she has bad grades.
directed by
Stefan Plepp & Christine Kabisch

“The Narwhal’s Wake” (doc)
Baffin Bay is home to 90% of narwhals on earth as well as their defender: Mayor Jerry Natanine. One man fighting for the rights of his community, their ancestral way of life, and for the narwhals that he has come to love in the face of oil exploration that threatens the entire ecosystem.
directed by
Ian Rowan

“Pillow Talk”
Danny and Jennifer just had sex.
directed by
Nardeep Khurmi

Friday, October 7, 2016 (TICKET LINK:

730p-815p Red Carpet

830p-1030p”DARK PROGRESSIVISM” documentary (1:28:00 mins)
Out of two violent decades shaped by the explosion of the crack epidemic, gangs, vandalism, stepped-up law enforcement, riots, earthquakes and police scandals, a new urban mentality and art style developed.
directed by
Rodrigo Ribera d’Ebre

Saturday, October 8, 2016 (TICKET LINK:

12p-2p “WOMAN IN CINEMA SHORTS PROGRAM” (1:34:00 mins)

Set in the Californian desert, Sandboy is a tale of loss and redemption.
directed by
Vittoria Colonna

“The Shadow of Our Togetherness” (Ireland)
Irish brothers, separated by time and class, struggle to pierce their isolation during a chance reunion.
directed by
Aisha Tyler

“Step 9”
Two friends, one in recovery and one decidedly not, set off on a road trip to make amends.
directed by
Leonora Pitts

“Now What?”
Two lifelong friends discuss the complicated nuances of getting older and rerouting their dreams.
directed by
Anna Jones

“Golden Golden”
When two broke 20-somethings from San Bernardino visit a Los Angeles fortuneteller, conjoined crystal balls and queer,
pop song visions open up new spaces for desiring and becoming — across Asian, Black, and Latinx imaginaries.
directed by
Erica Cho

“Throwing Their Weight Around: Leveraging Power for Social Change” (doc)
This documentary film explores leaders who are challenging the power paradigm by using their
influence to create a more equitable, sustainable, inclusive society.
directed by
Suzanne Ali

“Fill in the Blanks” (France)
At the laundry a man listens to two girls’ intimate conversation.
directed by
Chloé Marçais

Saturday, October 8, 2016 (TICKET LINK:

“ZERO” (0:30:00 mins)
Father and son are emotionally and physically separate the day that Earth loses gravity intermittently.
directed by
David Victori

“PAINT LIFE” documentary (1:05:00 mins)
The Army of Snipers documentary focuses on their trip to Thailand to mentor youth in art.
directed by
Daniel Zana

Saturday, October 8, 2016 (TICKET LINK:

12p-2p “PEDRO” (1:30:00 mins)
In 1994 Pedro Zamora was the first HIV-positive homosexual to appear in a reality show on MTV. The audience of ‘The Real World: San Francisco’ identified easily with this intelligent, good-looking Latino.
directed by
Nick Oceano

Saturday, October 8, 2016 (TICKET LINK:

230p-430p “AMERICAN LATINO SHORTS PROGRAM” (1:26:00 mins)

“Whittier Boulevard”
A rock ‘n roll fable about André, a transgender teen runaway who falls in love with a rockabilly princess on the streets of East Los Angeles.
directed by
Michael Patrick Spillers

“El Coyote” (Animation)
“El Coyote” is a Film based on true a story of a human smuggler also know as a coyote.
directed by
Javier Barboza

“Highland Park is Fig” (doc)
This film takes you on a historical journey into the historical realities and current issues facing Highland Park.
directed by
Josh Buck

“The Best and Worst Days of George Morales Unnaturally Long Life”
George and Susie Morales own a restaurant in East Los Angeles and have been happily married for nearly forty years.
directed by
Seth Cuddeback & Benjamin Dohrmann

Vicente Infante desires to return to his native land of Mexico and live the remainder of his years, however,
his two children disagree with his decision to return to a politically turbulent and violent country.
directed by
Juan Diego Ramirez

“Nancy From East Side Clover” (doc)
Growing up poor, Chicano, a woman and a lesbian in mid 20th century East L.A., Nancy Valverde’s life
was a constant uphill battle, complicated by the fact that she preferred the comfort of men’s clothes.
directed by
Gregorio Davila

“The Ranfla”
Actors, Daniel Villarreal & Danny De La Paz AKA Lil’ Puppet & Big Puppet from the film “American Me”,
are on their way to a fan meet and greet but encounter a problem that might hurt their street cred.
directed by
Juan Rodriguez

“Sins of the Father”
A father’s violent past comes back to haunt him and he loses everything.
Does he take revenge or does he forgive like he was forgiven so many years ago?
directed by
Rachel Howard

Saturday, October 8, 2016 (TICKET LINK:

5p-7p “LA STORIES SHORTS PROGRAM” (1:36:00 mins)

Two undocumented immigrants in Los Angeles, dealing with loss,unknowingly become connected in a mysterious and profound way.
directed by
Dustin Brown

Michael prepares to share his true self with friends.
directed by
Edmund Lozano & Jazmin Harvey

“Room 3”
When Jessica becomes tormented by disturbing visions from a past life, she attempts a new experimental form of therapy.
directed by
Blake Hodges

“Archon, LLC.”
A struggling academic is forced to consider a strange proposition when two strangers show up at his door.
directed by
Jeremy Pfau

Vicente Infante desires to return to his native land of Mexico and live the remainder of his years, however,
his two children disagree with his decision to return to a politically turbulent and violent country.
directed by
Juan Diego Ramirez

“In Lucidity”
Eric has a problem — a persistent nightmare that has been haunting him for months.
directed by
Kays Al-Atrakchi

“Watts Waits – The Redevelopment of Jordan Downs” (doc)
Jordan Downs is the most recognizable housing project in South Central Los Angeles.
directed by
Drew Bachrach

A young man is lured into the world of backyard boxing in order to save his mother’s life.
directed by
Gerry Maravilla

“Los Angeles 1991”
Los Angeles, 1991. The streets have become a hotbed of racial tension and hate about to burst.
directed by
Zacarias & MacGregor

Saturday, October 8, 2016 (TICKET LINK:

730p-815p Red Carpet

830p-1030p”HOLLYWOOD SHORTIES” documentary (1:24:00 mins)
THE HOLLYWOOD SHORTIES is a documentary on the birth of organized sports in the American dwarf community.
directed by
Ryan Steven Green

3 DAY PASS (Includes drink vouchers at after parties)

Alessandro Gentile, Marita De La Torre, & Mark Reitman






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