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BRAZILIAN NITES PRODUCTIONS Presents The 22nd Annual Brazilian Summer Festival featuring the Brazilian percussion collecting their unique fusion of samba, funk & hip-hop to the U.S July 31, 2016 at the legendary Queen Mary of Long Beach SUNDAY4:00pm – 10:00pm.

Written By: Marcelle - Jul• 28•16


Brazilian Nites Productions presents the22nd Annual Brazilian Summer Festival featuring the Brazilian percussion collective MONOBLOCO bringing their unique fusion of samba, funk & hip-hop to the U.S

Live Bands, DJs, Samba Drummers, Sensational, Elite Samba Dancers, Capoeira, Booths, Drinks, Food & More!

Celebrating Celebrating the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro
July 31, 2016 at the legendary Queen Mary of Long Beach


Full Festival Lineup includes:
Prakantar Band, Raggabond, Daniel Carneiro, Natalie Aley, samba drummers, DJ Junior, DJ Potira, Capoeira BodySport and the Samba Angels
“…The amphitheater was on fire! Provoking people to dance and transforming the place into a carnaval…”
– Jose Fuentes-Salinas, La Opinion
Los Angeles –Brazilian Nites Productions, presenters of the top Brazilian musical talent since 1994, presents The 22th Annual Brazilian Summer Festival 2016, headlined by one of the most celebrated Brazilian brand of innovative batucada MONOBLOCO directly from Brazil, plus local top Brazilian bands, live entertainment, authentic food, arts and crafts, and scintillating Samba Dancers. This year the festival celebrates the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics with an Olympic Carnaval!
It all takes place aboard the legendary Queen Mary of Long Beach on Sunday, July 31 from 4:00pm – 10:00pm.

The festival brings the electricity and energy of Rio and Bahia to Los Angeles, with the rhythms of diverse styles incorporated into samba beats with the powerful drumming of Monobloco, the percussive Prakantar Band, the Latin/Caribbean inspired sounds of Raggabond, the smooth bossanova of Natalie Aley, the intoxicating dance of capoeira and the stunning samba dancers of Samba Angeles, plus DJ Junior and DJ Potira mix dance hits throughout the night. BodySport Capoeira will have a special showcase of Capoeira and Makulele dance from its children’s segment, in addition to a show from the elite artists.
Created from a percussion workshop over 15 years ago, Monobloco has become one of the most renowned percussion-based ensembles in Brazil, attracting over 1.5 million people during Rio’s annual Carnaval. The group is recognized for both its musical innovations and its ingenious entrepreneurial model, which have increased the popularity of samba and other regional Brazilian rhythms while helping to spark a renaissance of Rio’s street Carnaval. Acclaimed for incorporating diverse rhythms and styles into the samba beat, Monobloco was started by C.A. Ferrari, Celso Alvim, Mário Moura, Pedro Luís and Sidon Silva (members of the band Pedro Luís e A Parede).
Monobloco’s performance at the Brazilian Summer Festival in Long Beach is part of their US tour, which also has stops in Miami, San Francisco, Baltimore, Pittsburghh, and New York. In New York, their concert is part of the SummerStage concert series in Central Park.
Monobloco is formed by: Alessandro (cavaco), Biguli (vocals), C.A. Ferrari (repique), Cachaça (cavaco), Caco Chagas (surdo), Carlinhos (cavaco), Celso Alvim (caixa), Fábio Groove (tamborim), Fred Castilho (caixa), Gabriel Lopes (surdo), Gui Rodrigues (caixa) Júnior Teixeira (tamborim), Mário Moura (surdo), Pedro Luís (vocals), Pedro Quental (vocals),
João Biano( ( vocals) Pitito (caixa) and Sidon Silva (tamborim).
Sung by Pedro Luís, Renato Biguli, Pedro Quental and João Biano, the eclectic repertory goes from traditional carnival marchinhas by João Roberto Kelly to root sambas by Cartola and Clara Nunes; from the forró of Luiz Gonzaga to pop songs by Paralamas do Sucesso, O Rappa and Cidade Negra. In its shows, Monobloco performs songs like “Samba de Arerê”, by Arlindo Cruz, Xande de Pilares and Mauro Júnior, “Eu Também Quero Beijar”, by Pepeu Gomes, “Do Seu Lado”, by Nando Reis, and “Girassol”, by Pedro Luís and Cidade Negra, among others. This uncanny mixture, however, is not limited to the group’s musical variety. It extends to the bateria, which introduces bass and electric guitars into the blend of traditional samba school instruments: cavaco, repique, tamborim, chocalho, surdo and agogô.
Monobloco’s newest album, released in July 2013, is called “Arrastão da Alegria” — the title of the opening track, which condenses in a few verses a decade-plus history of success on stage: “We have samba, charme and rock’n’roll / Xote, baião and ijexá / We have samba enredo, funk and soul.” After a couple of live albums, “Arrastão da Alegria” is the second studio offering by Monobloco. With this album, the group brings to the recording studio the energy of the shows performed throughout Brazil and also of the parade that brings the carnival season to a close in the historical Avenida Rio Branco. With very special guest appearances by Davi Moraes, Diogo Nogueira, Fagner, Ivete Sangalo, Pepeu Gomes, Preta Gil and Roberta Sá, “Arrastão da Alegria” continues Monobloco’s tradition of presenting new readings of classic songs, forgotten sambas, gems of the MPB, marchinhas and pop songs, while also launching new compositions, new rhythmic styles and beats.
The group has reached the mark of 600 performances, appearing in cities like São Paulo, Brasília, Salvador, Recife, Manaus and Belo Horizonte, among others. It has played in England, Japan and Portugal, as well as in music festivals in Oceania such as the Sidney Festival (Australia) and the Jambalaya Festival Rotorua (New Zealand). Besides its regular workshop given at Sala Baden Powell, in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Monobloco has also taught percussion workshops for children and adults in Germany, Denmark, Scotland, France, Holland, England, Ireland, New Zealand, Portugal and Japan.
Monobloco will be teaching a Percussion Workshop on August 1st at the Remo Recreation Center located at 7308 Coldwater Canyon Ave in North Hollwood. For more info on the workshop email

Other Festival Entertainment Includes:
Prakantar Band is a Brazilian music group that fuses popular American flavor with Brazilian/Latin rhythms. This 10 piece band plays popular music from Brazil including samba, axé, reggae, funk, salsa and cumbia. Mariano Silva leads the all-women band and they cover music from artists such as Carlinhos Brown, Caetano Veloso, Daniela Mercury, Olodum, Ile Aiye, Timbalada, Ed Mota, and Motumba. Prakantar has played in large events and festivals throughout the year including Brazilian Day Santa Barbara, Summer Solstice Parade with Mariano Silva, San Diego Brazilian Day Parade and other special events.
RAGGABOND founded by Marauak features a subtle Brazilian Style with a hint of samba, mixed with dance hall and reggae influenced rhythms. Raggabond has a growing following in the San Diego music scene.
Marauak’s voice and stage presence creates a special musical alchemy, generating a collective dance experience, and increasing the engagement of the audience with the performance. Raggabond plays originals and covers, sung in Portuguese and English. Their catchy songs and Marauak’s commanding stage presence should not be missed. Learn more at and
Elite Samba Angels specialize in Brazilian-style Carnival Samba Dance. From parading the Sambadrome with the prestigious Salguiero Samba School during Rio’s Annual Carnival, to parading with our local “M.I.L.A.,” (the first Samba School in the Los Angeles area), We have crossed continents and cultural barriers with the inspiring and spirited dance. We have also had the pleasure to dance live onstage with many musical legends such as Sergio Mendez, Bebel Gilberto, Gilberto Gil, Wyclef Jean, Aretha Franklin and the LA Symphony Orchestra.
Daniel Carneiro is a dynamic composer who brings a refreshing approach to each project, with considerable experience writing music. He is a guitarist, composer, singer born in Brazil, started at the age of 13 while at the Curitiba conservatory of Brazilian popular music. Daniel’s main instrument is the acoustic nylon guitar. He also plays the bass, cavaquinho (Brazilian small 4 string guitrar) and various traditional Brazilian percussion instruments. (

DJ Junior, one of LA’s hottest DJs, will spin an eclectic mix of Brazilian hits on the decks of the famous Queen Mary. He has been a driving force of nightlife and entertainment in Los Angeles for many years.
Blending eclectic Brazilian beats with urban cultures, DJ Potira believes the natural fit of all different types of music, and her Brazilian background help her read any audience, whether its to get a venue jumping or to set the mood to an art gallery cocktail reception. Adapting her DJ sets to the environment and audience is her forte. She goes above and beyond to create a mix best suited for the event on hand. She doesn’t drown her audience with Main Stream, but rather creates an amazing well balanced musical landscape that sets the tone for the perfect evening.
Singer, musician & social media star Natalie Aley, originally from Moscow, Russia, where she studied piano at Moscow College. She moved to Los Angeles in 2008 to pursue her solo singing career after playing the leading role in the world renown musical ” We will rock you” produced by the British rock band “Queen”. It is Los Angeles, where she begin to explore and pursue her love of Brazilian music. She started her Instagram account @natalie_aley, where she started posting her covers and within couple years she reached over 100k followers and became a social media influencer. In addition to the piano, she also plays Ukulele. In 2016 she became a face of the Ukulele line at BMG Company. Natalie is also endorsed by Godin company. She plays with the New Cycle band and is currently working on her second album, which will be a fusion of electronic, Brazilian and reggae music”.
A native of Salvador, Bahia, Mestre Roque began training in the Brazilian martial art form Capoeira at the age of 17 and has since become a Master of capoeira. He has spent a successful career, spanning more than 40 years, training others in the art of capoeira. After moving to the U.S. in 2005 he founded BodySport Capoeira (Capoeira Esporte do Corpo in Portuguese) in 2006. BodySport Capoeira is based in Long Beach, CA where it shares the vibrancy of Brazilian culture through classes, workshops, and events; encouraging education, healthy and active living, and community building.
Brazilian Festival also features a menu of delicious, authentic Brazilian appetizers and traditional food by the first Brazilian restaurant in Los Angeles “By Brazil” and by Salgadinhos Brasil. The national cocktail of Brazil – the Caipirinha – will also be available for purchase. Caipirinhas are made with Brazil’s most common distilled alcoholic beverage Cachaça, mixed with sugar and lime and poured over ice. This light and refreshing cocktail blends perfectly with the heat and non-stop energy of the festival.
Brazilian Foundation, a strong supporter of the 22nd Brazilian Summer Festival is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to foster exchanges between Brazil and United States. Our projects focus in the areas of Education, Information, Culture & Arts. Many of our activities include workshops, community media, cultural events and also partnerships with other institutions like Associação Pracatum in Salvador and The Samba Museum in Rio de Janeiro. Since its founding, Brazilian Foundation has become recognized as a supporter for the community in Brazil.

General Admission – $35 ($45 at the door), VIP $60 ($70 at the door), $12 under 12 years ($22 at the door) Tickets on sale Now! To purchase tickets visit:
Brazilian Summer Festival 2016 is sponsored by Avianca Airlines – “The Official Airlines of the Monobloco US Tour 2016” –, KPFK 90.7 FM, , LA Weekly,, Fusicology, and Living Out Loud.
Brazilian Nites Productions has been successfully organizing events since its inception, bringing people of different ages and nationalities together to experience the allure and character of Brazilian culture. The company produces several shows each year, including two annual events: the Brazilian Summer Festival and L.A.’s largest Brazilian Carnaval on the West Coast in February.
For more information, or call 818-566-1111.
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Facebook Brazilian Entertainment Group
Facebook Brazilian Carnaval
My Space – Brazilian Nites
My Space – Patricia Leao
Obrigada! Valeu! Until next time!!
Patricia Leao

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