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Frida Kahlo, Her Photos At The Museum of Latin American Art 628 Alamitos Avenue Long Beach, CA 90802

Written By: Marcelle - May• 06•14


Frida Kahlo, Her Photos
May 6, 2014
Tue 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Museum of Latin American Art
628 Alamitos Avenue
Long Beach, CA 90802

A selection of 257 images from the 6,500 which are part of the Blue House archive. These have served as memories to Frida, as work tools or as a means to exorcise solitude. The exhibition is curated by the acknowledged Mexican photographer and photography historian Pablo Ortiz Monasterio, shows the importance of this medium in Frida’s life. Frida Kahlo had a very special relationship with photography. Besides her personal background – both her father, Guillermo Kahlo, and her maternal grandmother were professional photographers – she brought different uses to photography: she collected daguerreotypes and calling cards from the XIX century, she kept photographs that she also intervened upon, cutting things out from them, writing dedications on them and personalizing hem as if they were paintings. For Frida photography was a present among friends, a relic for recalling her ancestors, a language for creating chance scenes, a means for posing and seeing herself portrayed, but above all a working tool that inspired her artistic work.

This exhibition shows a series of images that belonged to her personal holding and which were in the main unknown. They are now grouped together thematically into six sections. The exhibition does not intend to depict a chronological biography, but rather to present parts of the personal history of an artist, of a country and of a period. It is a photographic Collage made up of images that allow us to discover new facets of a key figure of the 20thcentury. The exhibition Frida Kahlo: Her Photographs presents a selection of 257 photographs divided into six themes: Her parents: Guillermo and Matilde; The Blue House; Her Crippled Body; Frida’s Loves; Photography and The Political Struggle: Diego’s Gaze. The value of these images as historical witnesses is undeniable, but they are also valuable due to the presence of the gazes of other photographers who can be found in this exhibition: Man Ray, Martin Munkácsi, Fritz Henle, Edward Weston, Brassai, Tina Modotti, Pierre Verger, Lola and Manuel Álvarez Bravo, among others.




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