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IFFLA THURSDAY 4-10 Films and Special Events

Written By: Marcelle - Apr• 10•14

Today’s films and special events

Plan your evening around these remarkable films and party the night away with RUKUS AVENUE!


LIAR’S DICE: 7:00PM, April 10
Director Geetu Mohandas makes a stunning feature debut with this captivating film, starring “Hindie” cinema superstars Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Geetanjali Thapa. A beautifully shot, gripping story of a woman traveling from Shimla to Delhi in search of her missing husband, the performances alone are unmissable.
SHORTS PROGRAM 2: 7:15PM, April 10
Our second Shorts Program takes us on a delightful ride inside the absurdist 
existence of a professional fly-swatter at an upscale restaurant (THE FLY), before illuminating us through the “ceremony of light” (AARTI), and finally throwing us into the life of a young girl in the unforgiving streets of Mumbai (JAYA). Along the way, we witness the breathtaking dance of two lovers in search for harmony (BELOVED), marvel at the wondrous force of love through eternal Russian winters (LOVE.LOVE.LOVE), sing to the vibrant voices and faces of modern day India (ALCHEMY) and lose ourselves within the bellies of the monstrous rising structures transforming the city of Bangalore (PRESENCE).
This bro-mantic slacker comedy is sure to have you in stitches. Join the aspiring screenwriters Dulal and Mainak as they set off on their hopelessly optimistic quest to break into the Bollywood film industry.
RUKUS AVENUE PARTY @ IFFLA: 9:00PM- late, April 10
Finally, party the night away with the official RUKUS AVENUE PARTY @ IFFLA featuring performances by Raghav and with KCRW’s DJ Garth Trinidad. Come join us and celebrate the beauty of music, film, and culture at TRU Hollywood. Doors open at 9:00PM!

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