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Launch party for FOODUCATION Wednesday October 30th, 7pm @ Nirvana Restaurant & Lounge 8689 Wilshire Blvd Beverly Hills 90211

Written By: Marcelle - Oct• 29•13




Launch party for FOODUCATION: If Food Can Talk, a magically delectable new series from Spice Princess on Maker Studios! network, Wednesday October 30th, 7pm @ Nirvana Restaurant & Lounge 8689 Wilshire Blvd Beverly Hills 90211 , Appetizers and drinks will be Provided for invited Guests



The Spice Princess aims to show a global audience that the ingredients used to create
amazing food can be applied to more than a meal. Food is versatile and complex. It
can be medicinal, curing what ails you on the inside as well as making you feel
beautiful on the outside. Durey Shevar’s Spice Princess invites you to experience food
in a whole new way.

Maker Studios saw the potential in what Durey Shevar was creating. This cutting edge,
talent first Media Company is the perfect fit for dreamers who believe they have
something worth sharing with the world. From this marriage came the Spice Princess

Spice Princess Series
Every episode Host Durey Shevar and a different guest not so familiar with traditional
Indian cuisine will take viewers on a journey with a dish they may think they know, only
to turn it on its head with an Indian twist. This is a place where learning to cook excites
and delights.

Fooducation Series
Herbs and Spices have stories of their own to tell. They have been around for
centuries, fought over, buried with loved ones, used as blessings of eternal happiness
at weddings. This is a place where food expresses itself.

Endangered Foods Series
For centuries traditions have been a part of culture. In todays fast paced, hectic, no
time world, the intimacy in creating a dish from scratch has become a thing of the past.
Endangered Foods is a series that explores recipes that are going extinct and
encourages us to keep customs alive. This is a place where food is archived.

Food as Beauty Series
All natural ways to improve the beauty you already have. Spice Princess shows you,
with the assistance of a guest, how simple ingredients can slough off years from your
face as well as aid in giving your hair the healthy shine and bounce. This is a place
where food gives you self-esteem.

Spice Kits
Created to purchase and try in the comfort of your home without investing in an entire
Indian pantry a complete recipe with all necessary dry ingredients, directions and a
list of fresh ingredients to add for people looking for a more convenient way to spice
up their life.

Offering something for adventurous palates of all cultural backgrounds, Dureyshevar’s
Spice Princess is a world of delicious food with imagination – a kingdom where food


Dureyshevar’s name comes from the Princess Durru Shehvar, a Princess of the
Ottoman Empire
Like her namesake
Dureyshevar grew up experiencing a variety of cultural influences in Bombay
(Mumbai), living in urban neighborhoods (Breach Candy and Cuffe Parade) and the
more laid back small city environment of her mother’s maternal home in Hyderabad
before moving to America.

It was in Hyderabad where she spent many days in the family’s kitchen, run by their
longtime head chef, an eunuch whose pride and joy was his cooking. He introduced a
young Dureyshevar to the richness of Indian cuisine and inspired an interest in her that
still perseveres today.

When she wasn’t cooking Dureyshevar was progressing in her filmmaking career, first
moving to America to study film and shortly afterward transitioning into a career as a
film producer. Dureyshevar has worked with internationally recognizable actors such
as Abigail Breslin, Donald Sutherland, Seth Rogen, Tom Berenger, Steve Austin and
Steve Coogan as well as studios and networks such as Universal Pictures, HBO,
Showtime, NBC, ABC, Hallmark and Lionsgate.

Producing and hosting her own cooking show Spice Princess was a natural fit for
Dureyshevar, allowing her to merge her two loves filmmaking and cooking into one

If Food Can Talk on Maker Studios.

Beverly Hills California 30th October 2013 — With great pride we
announce the launch of Spice Princess’s brand new show Fooducation on
Maker Studios RPM Network

Fooducation – Ever wonder what Mint would say if it could speak? Spice
Princess knows. Her spin on food education is as unique and colorful as
her. She’s created a universe where food is the star. Each ingredient
has a voice, it has a heart, it has a perspective unique to it’s own
beginnings. Go on this culinary ride and get informed.

Creator Dureyshevar is a prolific film producer, who saw the
potential for her unique approach to cooking to prove entertaining for an
audience. Thus, her cooking program Spice Princess was born. Spice
Princess was then picked up by Maker Studios. Maker Studios is the
largest cutting-edge, talent-first media company. It is the most viewed
independent network on YouTube per comScore with over 1000 channels
and more than 2 billion views online per month.

Spice Princess is a fast growing web series that’s not only a
cooking show but also a way of life. Here some of your favorite western
dishes are given a spice lesson, classic Indian dishes are revisited to
enhance and complement your table and, in the new series, Fooducation,
ingredients educate as well as entertain.

Please join us at Nirvana Beverly Hills on 30th of October 7:00 P.M for the officially launch Fooducation.

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