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Thailand’s film industry leads the way for South-East Asia at the American Film Market 2016 NOVEMBER 3rd 5:30pm JW Marriott Santa Monica Le Merigot 1740 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica, CA. 90401

Written By: Marcelle - Nov• 03•16

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Thailand’s film industry leads the way for South-East Asia at the American Film Market 2016

In the areas of production, post-production and production services, Thailand once again showed that it is at the forefront of the South-East Asian film industry.

Ten Thai companies, selected by the Department of International Trade Promotion to represent the skills of Thailand’s film industry attended the American Film Market,

During the eight days of the AFM, the companies conducted 220 business meetings, and generated estimated revenue of over 540 million Baht (over US$15m)

The Thai presence at the AFM not only demonstrated Thailand’s commitment to the creative economy, but also showed the close and supportive relationship of the public and private sector.

The Department of International Trade Promotion hosted an information centre, where visitors could enquire about the services, products and facilities offered by companies in the Thai film and animation industries. Over 118 international companies visited the information centre, and were given information, literature, and referrals to attending Thai companies. The most common enquiries related to Thailand as a location for international production and Thai production services.

Large banners both inside and outside the market venue created a strong visible presence for Thailand’s film industry, emphasizing the five key strengths. These were supported by daily bulletins which reached over 5,000 readers.

Once again, a highlight of the social calendar at the American Film Market was the Thai Night, hosted by the Department of International Trade Promotion, and presided over by HRH Ubolratana Rajakanya Sirivadhana Barnavadi. This was not only a chance to raise the profile of Thailand’s film industry, but also an opportunity to promote the commercial value of Thai productions, and the new initiatives within the industry, including the forthcoming film incentive measures.

In addition to the ten Thai companies that attended AFM 2016 under the DITP business matching program, other Thai companies attended AFM, including Five Star Production Co., Ltd, which had its own exhibition space.

The Thailand Film Office also attended the American Film Market. The mission of the Thailand Film Office was to announce and promote the new incentive measures for international production which will commence in January 2017. Co-operation and co-ordination between the DITP Information Centre and the Thailand Film Office ensured that visitors benefited from a united Thailand team approach.

For more information, please contact:





DITP, Ministry of Commerce,
Will Host “Thai Night AFM 2016”
at American Film Market 2016

For almost two ecades, the Thai film industry has made a quantum leap in growth thanks to several Thai producers who have spiced up both local and international markets. Furthermore, Thailand’s readiness in several aspects attracts foreign producers to film their movies here. Therefore, the Thai film industry, in collaboration with foreign countries, now has a great chance to grow steadily. This year, the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), under the Ministry of Commerce, will host Thai Night AFM 2016 in the same period as American Film Market 2016. The event will welcome film representatives from around the world to drive the business and let the world see the potential of the Thai film industry.
Thai Night AFM 2016 under the theme of “Thaiconic” will take place on November 3, 2016, at JW Marriott Santa Monica Le Marigot, Santa Monica, California. On this special occasion, Princess Ubolratana Rajakanya Sirivadhana Barnavadi will graciously preside over the opening ceremony. This event will show many factors that make Thai film industry stand out from others. First, Thailand has various locations that bring the producers’ imagination to life. For example, the metropolis like Bangkok is the setting of “All I See Is You”. The Hollywood movie called “Gold” transformed the tropical forest in Surat Thani province into Indonesia. Moreover, the professional Thai production team is globally accepted because of the technologically advanced equipment and the team’s readiness. That is why the action movie “Mechanic Resurrection”, among other foreign movies, chose Thai production services. Furthermore, Thai crew members are Asia’s leading technical service provider for the post-production and VFX. The highly qualified team is not only fully equipped with advanced technology, but also experienced in the international platform.
In addition to the location and equipment, the talent of Thai cast and crew is an equally outstanding factor. The Thai film industry is full of talented people, such as the world-renowned director Apichartpong Weerasetkul who directed Cemetery of Splendour shown in USA at the beginning of this year and brilliant actresses like Yaya Ying and Poyd Treechada who take part in Hollywood and Hong Kong movies respectively. Moreover, Soros Sukhum has produced and fed Thai movies to several film festivals worldwide. The last factor of “Thaiconic” is hospitality, which is the unique characteristic of Thai film industry. Because Thailand is centrally located in ASEAN, Thai crews have a chance to work with many international teams with different cultural backgrounds, which shapes their flexible, adaptable and generous personality. That is why Thai people are widely known for their service mind.
The event includes the panel discussion about cash rebate policy, which will attract the foreign crews to work in Thailand in Production, Post-production and VFX process. Moreover, the participants can meet 10 leading Thai film companies and international guests from film industry around the world.

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Thailand’s film industry leads the way for South-East Asia at the American Film Market 2016

The film production industry in Thailand has strengthened both economically and creatively over the last decade.

Last year, Thailand’s film industry generated over $750m revenue, with an additional $100m produced by the animation and computer graphics industry. By the end of 2016, it is expected that these figures will have risen by 10-15%.

Thailand is active in a number of different areas of the film industry

Thai film productions continue to perform well in the region, and festival success has raised the profile of Thai films worldwide

Thailand’s production services industry attracts international film and television projects. Last year, a record 63 international feature films shot in Thailand.

Thailand’s animation and CG facilities not only produce their own content, but provide services to international films, animated series, commercials, and video games.

Thailand’s studio facilities, post-production companies, and equipment rental companies have modernised, and now offer a state-of-the art service to Thai and international clients.

Companies representing each of these industry sectors will be attending AFM. It is the second year that the DITP, Ministry of Commerce, has supported business matching at AFM. Last year, the event proved highly successful, producing over $8m of deals.

The DITP is confident that this year’s event will raise that figure by at least 10%.

The Thai companies can be found at the Topanga Suite on the 7th floor of the Loews Hotel. An online appointments system makes it easy to book meetings. This can be accessed at

A traditional highlight of AFM is always the Thai Night, which will be held this year on Thursday 3rd November 2016 at 18.00 hrs. at Pacific Room, JW Marriott Santa Monica Le Merigot.
Sahamongkolfilm International Co., Ltd.

Mono Film Co., Ltd.

Wandee Media Co., Ltd.


Benetone Films Co., Ltd.

Film Frame Productions Co., Ltd.

Matching Broadcast Co., Ltd.


G2D Co., Ltd.

Kantana Sound Studio Co., Ltd.

The Monk Studios Co., Ltd.

Yggdrazil Group Co., Ltd.
For more information, please contact: or visit the Thailand information stand on 5th Floor Atrium, Loews Hotel




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