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Project Angel Food Awards Dinner PHOTOS August 10TH

Written By: Marcelle - Aug• 16•13

Project Angel Food Awards Dinner   PHOTOS!   I was so impressed learning that all of the food is organic from their garden.  No wonder they heal so many people.  I would like them to prepare all of my meals. I’ll have to find out how that works.

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These meals come in coolers that lobsters are delivered in, wished I’d get a few of those thrown in sometime!

At first it was a hot meal delivered every day with a light snack for later, then in 2005, they begin a cooler delivery program on Wednesdays from 11AM-3PM, which consisted of 7 pre-made meals, all portioned out and an entree, side and vegetable.

They deliver with this cooler, oranges, apples and just about every fruit in season and that makes [ THIS FRUIT ] happy.

Oh, they throw in some cookies and animal crackers too.

With the many medications I take for studies for a cure for AIDS, HIV/AIDS, MTFSR, anxiety, OCD and pain, these meals specially prepared for me are welcome, so welcome that my dietary needs are met and if you doctor some of them up a little they really are gourmet!

The staff are wonderful and if you need to cancel deliveries, just let them know, they will restart when you designate them to do so.

I am truly grateful for what I receive and, grateful for those much less fortunate than I yet knowing that they get meals to help them keep fed and healthy only adds to the gratification in my heart.

The dieticians here are very helpful and will design any type of meals you need to suit your needs, medications and tolerance of dietary needs.

I still work in the scope of work as a PA-C & LCSW, and many of our patients receive these meals too, the benefits are tremendously obvious, especially on your Birthday, Thanksgiving and Christmas when you receive a bag full of donated items that bring tears to your eyes letting you know you are loved and thought of too.

Also, to ALL of the volunteers-THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!

You ALL are truly my ANGELS of the day & the night:



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