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TODAY!”Stressed to Stunning” TUNE INTO “The Ricki Lake” Show to catch BEVERLY HILLS MEDICAL ESTHETICIAN, RENEE LYNN Demonstrating her 24 Karat Age Erasing Miracle KTTV TV – Channel 11 -Friday, Oct. 12 – 3:00pm-4:00pm

Written By: Marcelle - Oct• 12•12


Renee Lynn has practiced medical esthetics for over 20 years and is highly respected in her field. She currently owns Renee Lynn Esthetics, an elite beauty clinic in Los Angeles, California, specializing in non-surgical face and eye brow lifts, non-surgical lipo-reduction, and “no needle” lip enhancement. Renee is an acclaimed educator, magazine columnist, and has been featured on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Good Day LA several times. Natural Beauty Guru to the stars, Renee Lynn Medical Esthetics eschews botox injectibles and invasive cosmetic therapies and specializes in electronic brow lifts, 24 Karat Gold Age Facial Wrinkle Eraser, pumpkin enzyme peel,Ultrasonic Microdermabrasion, Intense hydration therapy and many more natural skin enhancing procedures.

Clinical skin care treatments are no longer just a luxury but are an integral part of one’s overall health, self-esteem and wellbeing. Renee’s clients receive stellar services and experience the newest technological breakthroughs in the field of clinical skin care, specializing in safe and effective customized treatments for everyone’s unique and individual needs.

“You see, skin cells are like people. They start off fresh and full of energy. As time
passes, every cell loses strength as its surrounding tissue deteriorates; hence progressive aging
over the entire body. Renee specializes in the preservation of the cells and facilitating the production of collagen with her modality of unique clinical treatments to maintain and enhance one’s beauty. And just like humans, cells need other cells for information, support,
nourishment and direction. That’s how burns are repaired, and cuts healed. So if you connect
newly vibrant and energetic skin cells to your tissues, they start connecting and voila!
You have healthier, more radiant new skin.The young cell coming in contact with old
cell actually leads to reprogramming of the old cell.”

A recent transplant from Las Vegas where she ran a successful Skin Care Salon, Renee Lynn
is highly educated motivated, and learned skin care specialist, practicing the art of natural skin care for several years. “I take great pride in in regenerating skin to be smoother, stronger, hydrated, firmer, glowing, radiant and more beautiful,” says Renee, “and I’m even more excited to be releasing my first book, in which I can share the ‘tools of my trade’ to the general public”. Renee’s new book, “Stressed to Stunning” will be released in November, 2012. the website, for discounts for skin care treatments.
“Out of all her amazing treatments , my personal fav is the oxygen …my skin just glows”.
Actress, Valerie Bertinelli

“Renee is fabulous. My face is so much smoother and tighter”.
Actress, Joanna Cassady



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