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Take Back Your Life Gala Celebration July 15th, 2012 SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills

Written By: Marcelle - Jul• 15•12

Wendy Ida Enterprises and LLC presents her Annual
GalaProceeds will be donated to A Window Between
Worlds, which is a nonprofit organization that uses
art as as healing tool and has helped over 74,000
battered woman and their children.
WHY: A special tribute evening to empower women and those
who support women. An evening to help end the silence
surrounding domestic violence and celebrate health
and life!
WHO: Hosted by Lynn Rose, performances by DC5, Sky
Disco, Michelle Delamore and Vic Hennegan. Founder
Wendy Ida; A Window Between Worlds Founder Cathy Salser.
Celebrities expected: Michelle Delamore (American Idol Season 9); Luenel Campbell (That’s My Boy); Patrick Kilpatrick (Minority Report, Nip/Tuck); Kim Yarbrough (The Voice, Season 2); Leilani Sarelle (Basic Instinct, Femme Fatales); Sandra Vidal (Bold & The Beautiful); Jamie Luner (All My Children); Laura Baron (VHI-You’re Cut Off); Chelsea Rendon (A Better Life – Summit); John Jones (California Black Health Network); Suzanne DeLaurentiis (The Grief Tourist; “Producer”); Madonna Grimes (Celebrity Trainer, “Miss Fitness America”); Jodi Tiahrt (Fitness Champion, Trainer to the Stars); Clarissa Burt (The Never Ending Story); Christi Lukasiak (Lifetime – Dance Moms); Kelly Hyland (Lifetime – Dance Moms); Meilani Paul (Lie To Me, LA Heat); Valerie Swift (Hollywood, Guiding Light).
Press Check In: 4:00pm-4:45pm
Red Carpet & VIP Reception: 5:00pm;
Gala Program; 7:30pm.
Press Contact: Lisa Schneiderman, Schneiderman PR – 503-250-4056;
SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills
465 S. La Cienega Boulevard
Los Angeles CA 90048
Sunday July 15th 2012
This 60-year-old Fitness Warrior and National award-
winning Bodybuilder and Figure Champion, Wendy Ida
launched her new book, Take Back Your Life in November
2011 which became an Amazon bestseller within the
first week of its release. She is a sought after
trainer, speaker and health and fitness expert who has
earned her nick name as the “Ab Queen.”
Wendy began her fitness career at a time when she felt
sick, fat and stuck. She was overweight, had low self-
esteem and was at the point of giving up. Wendy shares
“I crossed the country to escape a violent and abusive
marriage. Depressed and uncertain about my future,
I had to face myself before I could create a new life.
” Then her sister developed a brain tumor. At that
point, she had already made the decision to commit to
a new way of being and hired a personal trainer. As she started learning and growing, she began to train her sister and she saw improvement. Suddenly, her sister took a turn for the worst and she lost her. It was another devastating moment in her life, yet she continued to dive deeper into her practice and became a Nationally Certified Master Trainer and Nutrition Specialist. “Every time I work with a client, I feel the passion of my sister and how she lived and died. Trust me when I say that having a strong and healthy body can set you free!” Wendy’s own personal journey from despair to reinventing herself as a premier personal trainer embodies her mantra that it is “never too late to take charge of your life.” It’s Wendy’s mission to share her self-taught approach to exercise, nutrition and motivation. As a personal trainer since 1996, she has a special talent for inspiring and motivating people to surpass their potential and reach their unique greatness! Wendy is loved by many and is driven to help others make healthy, happy and permanent life changes. She
feels it can not only change the world, but it is her
reason for living. She is a true example of how many
woman over 40 can become a fitness warrior if they
understand their body.
In Wendy’s book, Take Back Your Life: My No Nonsense Approach to Health, Fitness and Looking Good Naked, she outlines her 90-day plan for women of any age to feel strong and sexy and guides them to getting the body they want with her program. She creates a “no excuse zone” that effectively neutralizes the most common reasons people avoid eating well and exercising, and shows them how to push through anything from divorce and career changes to overcoming peer pressure for burgers and fries. She speaks to the needs of women whose lives have spun out of control due to the physical changes that occur during midlife and the many major life transitions that hinder weight loss and can leave women feeling powerless and unattractive.
Wendy’s Credentials:
Wendy’s credits include Director of the Obesity
Prevention Initiative Program (sponsored by USC Norris
Comprehensive Cancer Center, Kaiser Permanente,
American Bio-Clinical Laboratories and the Real Men
Cook Foundation); an Award of Recognition for
Outstanding Educational Community Service from Dr.
Charles Adams (Founder & President of the Educational
Outreach Community Program); and her two time
nominations for the Who’s Who among Women in Business. She is a Nationally Certified Master Personal Trainer, Nutrition Specialist and former Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach for the LA Avengers football team. She is also a five time award winning National Champion of top trophy awards in the NPC Bodybuilding and Figure Championships as well as a Magazine Advice Columnist and a frequent guest on TV and talk radio. She has achieved international recognition via commercials, exercise videos and appearances on press such as Fox Sports Net, ABC news, The         CW – “San Diego Living”, TV1, Essence and many others.
For more information:
For a video of Wendy and the inspiration behind her Take Back Your Life Approach:
TODAY is the DAY: Take Back Your Life!
Wendy on “Healthy Living” (ABC-New York)
Healthy Living
Wendy on “San Diego Living” (The CW):  San Diego Living


Press Contact:
Lisa Schneiderman, Schneiderman Public Relations

Lisa Schneiderman is an entertainment/cause-related publicist
whose niche is evoking social change through positive messaging.
Since 1998, her boutique agency Schneiderman Public Relations has managed
social and humanitarian causes and large-scale celebrity events. She has built
the careers and re-branded some of the world’s most prominent cultural
creatives, always raising awareness through the many causes, products,
films, books, music, businesses and organizations they promote. Many
national media spots have been booked by her, including two clients on
Oprah. Lisa is currently the Marketing Chair for META, a new trade organization in the entertainment and arts industries.


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