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TODAY SUNDAY SEPT. 20TH Closing day of the 6th Annual AWARENESS FILM FESTIVAL September 10th-20th, 2015

Written By: Marcelle - Sep• 20•15

TODAY SUNDAY SEPT. 20TH Closing day of the 6th Annual AWARENESS FILM FESTIVAL September 10th-20th, 2015


Here is our 2015 trailer:



A Conscious Cinema Celebration

September 10th-20th, 2015

Free events, $14 presale tickets

The Awareness Film Festival is a dynamic festival promoting the awareness of world issues. Bringing together filmmakers, artists, educators, environmentalists, alternative health practitioners and other industry professionals, the Awareness Film Festival aims to inspire the public through this engaging, entertaining and unique annual event in the film capital of the world. All volunteer-ran, this festival takes the cause up a notch by partnering with other non-profit organizations and every cent of net profits benefit charities. In addition, the filmmakers are treated to yoga and holistic therapies. Something different then their counterpart in Toronto.

Themes represented in this year’s films include: green and eco-friendly living, homelessness, gang/felon reform, veteran’s issues, cancer survival, GMOs, policy reform, transgender awakenings, pilgrimages, mental health stories, hearing loss, women’s issues; stories of hope, the arts, spirituality, and current events. Accompanying many presentations will be filmmaker Q&A’s, often with talent in attendance.
Festival prices range from free panels and select free screenings, to $14 for individual pre-sale tickets, $11 for students, seniors and military; and offering all access festival passes for $125.
This year, the Awareness Film Festival takes advantage of a top Los Angeles downtown venue, the LA LIVE Regal Cinemas. Events throughout the ten days include a vegan dinner, three opening features, plus a late-night party on opening night at the Hotel Figueroa. Many filmmaker events, and closing awards. The festival offers an astounding 32 World Premieres, 26 US Premieres, 17 West Coast Premieres, and 49 LA Premieres, presented by many of the filmmakers who will also have a chance to co-mingle at the daily filmmaker lounge. Screening highlights include the festival opener Pursing Happiness (LA Premiere) and closing night film Rooted in Peace (also an LA Premiere). Free screenings include Cracking Your Creativity Code, Our Food Chain, and WeAdvance: A Documentary Film on Patient Safety.
We are the US Premiere for the Angelina Jolie endorsed feature documentary 7 Days in Syria, showing to a sold out crowd in Edinburgh, it will premiere Saturday September 19, 2015 at 6PM.
Proceeds from the Awareness Film Festival benefit the non-profit organization 501(c)3 Heal One World This Los Angeles-based charity offers yoga, tai chi and alternative treatments to members of low-income and underserved demographic groups. Heal One World seeks to educate people and provide them access to preventative health care, integrative health modalities, natural non-invasive treatments, and self-help techniques for the body, mind and soul. In 2012-2014, it was rated a Top Nonprofit by GreatNonprofits.
Heal One World also organized the highly successful Zen Den at Sundance Film Festival 2015, where celebrities and filmmakers were treated to holistic treatments and yoga/tai chi classes offered amidst the chaos on Main Street in Park City. Zen Den will be represented again as part of the Awareness Film Festival.

Schedule and tickets:
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For accreditation, send inquiry with coverage requests to:
accred@healoneworld.comRed Carpet Pics from Opening Night:,487693170,487693158,487693156,487693174,487693160,487693144,487693142,487693150,487693154,487688388,487688322,487688334,487688316,487688314,487688318,487688362,487688344,487688340,487688346,487688330,487688338,487688336,487688328,487688332,487688326,487688324,487688320,487688308,487688312,487688302,487688306,487688310,487688304,487688300,487693176,487693172,487693202,487693184,487693182,487693180,487693178,487693162,487693166,487688408,487688410,487688400,487688398,487688372,487688370,487688364,487688356,487688342,487688414,487688396,487688406,487688402,487688392,487688378,487688374&st=Browse

Article on closing night film:


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